“When all perspectives are held in education, then all voices are propelled to rise.”
Keisha Rembert, Educator and Equity Advocate.
Dr. Nazanin Zargarpour, featured on NPR to spotlight our efforts with the National College Attainment Network in helping students from the classes of 2020 and 2021 to enroll or re-enroll in college.
Regional Learning Collaborative selected and supported by National College Attainment Network and Kresge Foundation in focused efforts to provide college advising resources to Pomona students to bolster postsecondary enrollment and persistence.
Pomona Regional Learning Collaborative (RLC) recognized as the kind of change we need in California for education equity, by ECMCFoundation President Peter J. Taylor.

Watch the informative webinar with California Competes Executive Director Dr. Su Jin Jez, as panelists Peter Taylor and Dr. Lande Ajose, Governor Newsom’s Senior Policy Advisor for Higher Education, advocate for the kind of intersegmental work the RLC has pioneered effectively since 2015.

what we do

Mission Statement

The Regional Learning Collaborative connects students and families, practice partners, and researchers across the education pipeline to co-create and execute evidence-based strategic plans that equitably advance all students, particularly low-income, first-generation populations, and students of color, through PK-12 and higher education and into viable careers.

who we are

An intersegmental collaborative of leaders, researchers, and practitioners, representing regional education-focused institutions.

The RLC was founded in 2015 by Claremont Graduate University (CGU) professor and RLC Executive Director, Dr. Nazanin Zargarpour, with anchor school district, Pomona Unified School District and postsecondary and national partners. The RLC Core Support Team (CST) of senior staff and graduate researchers at CGU directs, facilitates, and disseminates the intersegmental work.

core partners


The RLC implements evidence-based, high-impact strategies with significant student and institutional outcomes:


based rigor

Engage all stakeholders in rigorous, evidence-based practices.

Data Switzerland

Trusted as being neutrally data-driven with a single agenda: Student success.


Strategic planning and implementation, monitoring and developmental evaluation, ongoing feedback.


Decisions reflect student voice and keep students at the center.


Collaboration, transparency, and diverse perspectives mobilize powerful action.

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